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               Welcome to Chucker Bodybuilding!!
  Feeling tired, stressed out, overweight, underweight, just not happy with yourself, inside and out? Fit bodybuilding into your life and you will feel a boost in strength and self esteem. You'll reduce stress, loose fat, gain lean body mass, you'll sleep better and the list goes on. Maybe you're a bodybuilder already and your just not happy with the results of your current workout and diet. Whoever you are, I can help you!
  So what makes me different from other personal trainers? First thing, I practice what I preach, every diet and training program that I've written, I've personally followed. Second, unlike the professional athlete, where staying in shape is their job, most of us have full time jobs or go to school full time and may have a part time job on top of that. Add in a spouse and kids and there is no way you can follow the training routines and diets that are out there.
  So whether you're young, or older, girl or guy, I can put you on the fast track to that strong, healthy and athletic body you deserve.


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